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Bullying, poor safety standards, swearing, workplace violence, illegal business practices, insufficient health benefits, overworking issues, marginalizing, inequity in pay structures, sexual harassment, discrimination, favoritism, lying, fraud, wrongful termination , lateness, disrespect for cultural difference, poor communication, employee theft, embezzlement, poor leadership, office politics, laziness, insubordination, falsifying documents, illicit workplace relationships, unprofessional conduct, inferior customer service…these are just a few indications of the current, almost pandemic levels of incivility in America.  
Setting Workplace Standards
We are in the midst of a very serious Civility Crisis. Left unchecked, the outcomes of incivility spreads like a rampant virus and the impact is measurable and significant. Rudeness costs- time, money, energy, confidence, human assets, integrity, relationships, morale, morality, values, communication, common sense, productivity, and organizational profit.
Business Etiquette Briefs
The Business Etiquette Briefs are designed to represent key concepts directly related to civility in the workplace; specifically, how to communicate respect and leadership in the workplace, and to do so consistently and at a high standard. The brief is designed to be a self study guide for individuals who wish to increase their knowledge about modern guidelines for business etiquette in North America. 

Each brief consists of 10-30 pages of comprehensive material for self teaching. We are also pleased to offer selected briefs in Arabic. Coming soon additional briefs translated to French.

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